What's hot and what's not for Telecoms Jobs

What’s hot and what’s not for Telecoms Jobs

The forecast for the New Year is still positive for those with "up to date" Telecoms skills and looking for new opportunities.

Whilst overall the Telecoms market shows static pay, there is a continued growth in overall contracting rates in the Telecoms sector - up 4% year on year.

Higher pay is driven by a number of influencing and varied factors. These include the significant UK wide investment in next generation comms infrastructure, which will bring quality and high-speed benefits, as well as new related services and content, to businesses and consumers. Additionally there is further demand in mobile wireless platforms and subsequent wireless technology skills such as Bluetooth. The demand for the Apple i-phone, now launched in the UK, will help drive the market for mobile specific content.

VOIP technology may not be considered new, but VOIP and indeed now SIP related skills are very much in demand and will be for the years ahead. The explosion of mobile and user-generated services will create an ongoing demand amongst employers for VOIP and SIP related skills for the foreseeable future.

Highlights from the latest Telecoms salary information, shows the following (source: www.ITJobsWatch.co.uk):

Job Role Average Salary % Change
All Telecoms Jobs £45,388 up 0.02%
Telecoms Engineer Jobs £35,711 up 11.24%
Avaya Jobs £44,723 up 11.28%
VOIP Jobs £43,578 up 4.41%
Cisco Jobs £43,068 up 4.02%
Network Manager Jobs £51,443 up 13.62%
3g Jobs £41,526 down 13.54%
GSM Jobs £40,486 down 2.03%

Anthony Sherick, Head of Sales and Marketing for Technojobs said, "We have seen a constant and strong growth in Telecoms related jobs advertised over the last six months across many diverse areas of telecoms Networking jobs and also Cisco Jobs particularly seem to be in continued strong demand. Speaking to a number of key recruitment agencies, it remains that strong Telecoms skills are in high demand. For some recruiters there will in fact be the problem of a skills gap between the market requirements for new technology and existing skills available in the UK.

"Perhaps the three key pieces of advice to consider, for candidates who want to enhance their salary are quite standard but often overlooked. 1. Make sure that you have the right skills that match the pay growth areas 2. Consider contracting jobs to earn more money and gain new valuable experience and skills 3. Enhance your project management and consulting skills, which will build long-term opportunities. This will open more job opportunities and in parallel a higher salary."

There are hundreds of Telecoms Jobs and Cisco Jobs advertised at Technojobs.

Data Source: IT Jobs Watch: www.itjobswatch.co.uk